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New concept in sports journalism will give readers the chance to participate

By Dean W. Hockney

Sports Journal Publisher

Published January 11, 2011

Hello, and let me introduce you to the first edition of the Sports Journal of Central Indiana – a new concept in sports publishing. I am excited to bring this new product to Kokomo, Howard County and the immediate area.

So what makes the Sports Journal unique? Well, the fact you are reading this on your computer screen, or on a piece of paper you printed out yourself, should give you a hint. The Sports Journal of Central Indiana may be the first sports publication in Indiana that is not delivered to your doorstep or mailbox, or published exclusively online; but rather, it is distributed via e-mail, as a PDF attachment. No finding the website or walking outside in the snow to retrieve and read this sports magazine, all you have to do is click on the Sports Journal e-mail every Tuesday. And better yet, it is FREE! Yes, the Sports Journal will come every week without charge, relying on advertising to cover the costs of production (this issue, however, is ad free).

The subhead of this story states: “New concept in sports journalism will give the readers the chance to participate.” Does this make you scratch your head? Well don’t. The Sports Journal staff wants this to be a community magazine with plenty of names and photographs of local athletes. The phrase “Where No Sport Is Too Small” means we will be covering everything from pee-wee dodge ball and varsity basketball to our local college and professional players (toss in some Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 coverage as well). We want to tell the story of our athletes, not necessarily who won the game last night. Thus, you will see more feature stories (see Nick Kline on page 4) and pictures (see KPRD hoops on page 8) than game stories.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do this alone, so we are asking our readers to help. We want you to participate in this venture by sending us your story ideas and pictures. Did Johnny win a karate tournament in South Bend last weekend? Or did Suzie’s team win a trophy at a soccer tournament in Carmel yesterday? The Sports Journal may not be able to cover the event, but we sure can print the picture and maybe a short recap. So PLEASE, e-mail us with your pictures and a short recap – we can’t guarantee it will run, but we will strive to make it happen.

We also want to publicize sporting events or happenings that are coming up. So, if you are sponsoring anything that has to do with athletics and want people to hear about it, forward us the info so we can let our readers know.

The Sports Journal has a very small staff, but we are looking for writers to help us make this the best publication available. Have you ever wanted to write for a sports magazine? Now might be your chance. We can’t pay much (okay, we can’t pay anything yet), but we can give some folks the chance to be published. We are especially interested in someone to write about bowling and golf, but we will also entertain feature writers and their ideas. If you are interested, drop us a line or give us a call to discuss what is on your mind.

And finally, we need advertising to make this work. If you have a local business, please consider advertising in our small publication – and don’t think of it as advertising; rather, think of it as sponsoring local athletics.

We have big dreams for the Sports Journal, and we hope you will give us a chance to grow. Subscriptions are free, so share our e-mail address with your friends and relatives and ask them to subscribe at editor@indianasportsjournal.com. Thank you, and we look forward to telling the Kokomo and Howard County sports story – one athlete at a time.

(Dean Hockney is the Publisher of the Sports Journal and owner of Hockney Publishing Company. He previously worked as a local sports editor and is the author of Kats with a K. Hockney is a U.S. Air Force veteran, and he recently returned to the United States after serving more than five years as a civilian public affairs contractor with the U.S. Army in Baghdad, Iraq.)

2 Responses to Welcome to the Sports Journal

  1. Perry says:

    The Neeley girls blog our our website, PrepGold. It’s a fairly new site about high school track & field and cross country, and transitioning into the college venue. Brittany sent us one of your photos to use in her blog. We have uploaded it but we would like you to make sure you are okay with that. We have linked it to your article. Also if you are interested we would be happy to add you to our “Friends” page as we like to help out other new sites. Let us know if you are okay with the usage and would like to be added to our friends. Thanks, Perry

    • admin says:

      Of course you can use the pictures – the Neeley’s are two of our favorite student-athletes. And please add us as friends, thanks.

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