Troy White

Kokomo High School girls varsity basketball coach Troy White abruptly resigned on June 25 after two seasons. He departs the Lady Wildkats program with a 9-37 record, which included a 3-20 campaign last year.

The Kokomo School Corporation released the following story.

Because of the support by the community, by his fellow coaches, by the Kokomo High School administration, by the Kokomo School Corporation administration, and by his Lady Wildkat players … the decision to “retire/resign” from his “dream coaching position” as Kokomo’s Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach after only two seasons became “one of the most difficult decisions of my life” for Troy White.

“This was totally my decision; but after much deliberation and thought, I believe I need, actually I must, spend more time with my family and friends … but especially my family,” Coach White explained. “During my two years of coaching girls’ basketball, I lost some family members as well as my dear friend Phil Cox … all of which made me realize how much I wanted more family time. I shared with our Athletic Director Nick Sale that after coaching 22 years for Kokomo Schools, I might eventually get bored and want to help in the future; but right now, I want my holidays and weekends with my family and friends. Plus, I enjoy fishing with my Dad and this decision will allow me more time to fish with Dad.”

Kokomo High School Athletic Director Nick Sale thanked Coach White for his time and energy.

“I truly believe that Troy’s leadership and passion for girls’ basketball will lead to outstanding things in the future. Troy created a solid foundation,” Mr. Sale said. “Coach White has represented Kokomo High School with utmost professionalism. From how he respected his players to how he involved his student athletes in our community, Coach White made a positive impact on every student or adult involved in girls’ basketball.”

KHS Principal Angela Blessing cited Mr. White as a valuable member of the Wildkat team.

“His coaching presence will be a great loss to Kokomo High School,” Mrs. Blessing said. “I am glad Troy will still be teaching at Kokomo because Coach White is a man of integrity.  I believe Troy has rekindled the Lady Wildkat Way in girls’ basketball. Kokomo High School will be forever grateful for the rebuilding Coach White has done with our Lady Wildkat girls’ basketball program.”

For Coach White, the toughest part of the coaching departure was sharing his decision with his returning players.

“I will miss the day-to-day fellowship I have established with our players,” Coach White said. “I believe we have a great group of young players who are excited about playing basketball. I will look forward to watching the program grow since I will never stop loving my city or my school.”

The 1985 KHS graduate – a product of Sycamore Elementary, Bon Air Middle School, Haworth High School, and Kokomo High School – noted in his letter of “retirement/resignation” that “I have been honored to represent my school and my city for the past two seasons.”

Director of Human Resources (Classified) and Operations Mike Wade noted that he admired Coach White’s passion for the girls’ basketball program.

“All who worked with Troy, were blessed by experiencing a genuine, great man,” Mr. Wade said. “Troy cares about the Wildkat Way and our student athletes. I wish Troy nothing but the best in his future, and I hope Troy is able to enjoy his family and all that life has to offer.”

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