KOKOMO, Ind. – Earlier this summer, Tom Ando, director of food and beverage services for the Class AA Erie SeaWolves, created a food item that seemed crazy at first before going viral on social media: The Cotton Candy Hot Dog. On July 5, Sports Journal Publisher Dean Hockney joined Z92.5 Morning Show hosts Jessica Green and Ben Rutz for a live on-air taste test of the latest ballpark food craze.

The Cotton Candy Hot Dog consists of three ingredients – cotton candy shaped into the form of a hot dog bun, a freshly cooked hot dog and Nerds as the top condiment. For this taste testing, fresh cotton candy was not available, so Sam’s Club donated its individually packaged pre-made cotton candy – the Erie SeaWolves use fresh cotton candy.

“The Nerds are like the coney sauce or mustard,” Hockney said during the radio broadcast, which was also shown live on Facebook Live. “Then you eat it.”

After forming the bun, placing the hot dog in the middle and pouring the Nerds across the top – and on the floor of the studio – Hockney took the first bite.

“That’s not too bad,” he said. “The juice of the hot dog, along with the saltiness of the dog and sweetness of the cotton candy and Nerds actually works.”

“Actually, that is not as bad as I thought it would be,” commented Green, who sported a blue chef hat and a matching apron with ‘Chefsica’ printed on the front.

Of the three taste testers, Rutz seemed to enjoy the concoction the most.

“The cotton candy is sweet, combined with the salty flavor of the hot dog and crunch of the Nerds – I give it a thumbs up,” said Rutz. “This is really good.”

Rutz was so enamored with the Cotton Candy Hot Dog, he immediately had thoughts for an improved version.

“Here is what you do,” he said. “Put the hot dog on a stick and spin [fresh] cotton candy around the hot dog and have just cotton candy and the hot dog.”

Rutz also noted that the last time the Morning Show duo said “not as bad as we thought it would be” while tasting something on the air was the Twinkie dog with cheese.

“I think the [cotton candy hot dog] was better,” said Green of the latest taste challenge.

While it may not have been something the trio would make at home, they all gave the Cotton Candy Hot Dog a thumbs up – meaning it would be a great addition to a sporting event’s desert list.

Story by Dean Hockney. Have you seen an interesting food item that has been advertised as being sold at a sporting event? Let us know and Dean Hockney might accept the challenge live on the Z92.5 Morning Show with Jessica Green and Ben Rutz.


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