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Part of the joy of sports is the arguments and opinions that result from different perspectives. Like any broadcaster and fan, I have a few sports truths that I hold to be self evident. So without further adieu, here is part two of my two part list (part one appeared in last week’s Sports Journal):

  •  The Ball State football team will be ranked again at some point this season.
  •  Antwaan Randle El should have won the 2002 Heisman Trophy.
  •  The Oregon football uniforms are sweet! All the colors and combinations resonate swag, especially the silver metallic ones.
  •  The 2000 Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball team remains the only team that I KNEW was going to win the tourney before it started.
  •  Barry Bonds circa 2002 is the best hitter I’ve ever seen and Pedro Martinez circa 1999 is the best pitcher I’ve ever seen.
  •  People who don’t like sports bother me. I understand if you are just a casual fan, or perhaps only follow one particular sport. But if you don’t follow anything at all, well, that’s just weird.
  •  Guaranteed contracts are bogus. In what other workplace realm can a person get fired for failing to perform well yet still get paid handsomely to sit at home and do nothing?
  •  Lebron James is the best basketball player of all-time. Yeah I said it.
  •  The 1992 Dream Team is the best squad ever assembled. In any sport.
  •  The first round of the NBA playoffs needs to revert back to a 5-game series. The 7-game format often precludes any hope of an entertaining competition.
  •  Steroids are not just a baseball problem, so why does the media tend to treat it that way? I’d be willing to bet more NFL players use illegal substances than MLB players.
  •  Peyton to Marvin is the deadliest NFL combination I’ve ever seen.
  •  The NFL draft is overrated. Fans and most analysts need to stop pretending they have any idea if the right guard for Colorado State was a good pick in the 3rd round.
  •  Vin Scully is the best broadcaster of all-time.
  •  I don’t like it when the infield is drawn in during a baseball game.
  •  In football, I hate the fade pass in the back corner of the end zone.
  •  Why a successful college coach would ever leave the comforts of the university setting for what is sure to be a turbulent career in the pros is a mystery to me.
  •  I can’t stand Holier-Than-Thou fans who say it is NEVER the officials’ fault that a team lost a game. Actually, sometimes it is.
  •  Ted Valentine is the worst official of all-time.
  •  Stop the noise at ballgames. NBA games are the worst. There is so much music, contests, announcements, and video board features that it detracts from the game. Most fans are there for the game, not for some stupid contest and a cheesy graphic telling us to say “Charge!”
  •  I don’t like “the wave.”
  •  This nation needs to revamp its National Holidays. The day after the Super Bowl should be a holiday as should the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA March Madness tournament. It’s not like anybody is working those afternoons anyway.

(Chris Lowry is the radio voice of the Kokomo Wildkats and Howard County athletics on AM 1350 WIOU. He contributes a monthly column to the Sports Journal and you can follow him on Twitter at @ChrisLowry_WIOU.)

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  1. Mike G. says:

    I call BS on the MSU Spartans comment. You can’t tell me that you didn’t know Kentucky was going to win it all two years ago … that was about the safest lock ever.

    Other random points: Agree on Scully; don’t understand the “infield in” distaste – it’s called strategy; Peyton to Marvin is great but better than Montana (or Young) to Rice,probably not; college-to-pros coaches, can’t fault someone for wanting to advance in their field or chasing the money or wanting the challenge – if ESPN called looking for a new play-by-play guy, you’d say no because WIOU is safer? Didn’t think so.

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