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Well, there goes another one. Even though I am starting to get older, every time a relationship ends it still causes me pain. I guess when I enter into a relationship I always have the thought in the back of my mind that maybe this is “The One.” And when you realize that this isn’t The One, it hurts.

This last relationship started around October and became official on Nov. 1. Things started off very well – almost too well. It moved quickly, but I didn’t mind because everyone seemed to have fallen in love with this one, not just me. Friends and family alike all had high hopes. Heck, even complete strangers could see there was some definite chemistry there. There was a lot of attraction and a lot of admirable qualities.

I won’t pretend that I haven’t thought this before with others in the past, but for whatever reason things just never quite turned out the way I had hoped. Maybe it was my fault for putting too much of my heart and soul into those relationships. If I had tempered my expectations a little, maybe it would have worked out. At least I wouldn’t be so devastated. Or maybe it was their fault, because they all certainly had their own unique flaws. But I tended to overlook those shortcomings. When you are desperate for something and put a lot of time and money into furthering things, you don’t want to start over and think about moving on. But never before did I feel this strongly about something as I did throughout the majority of this last relationship.

There were certainly hiccups at times, but nothing too alarming – at least not until the last month or so. It was in the past month that I started hearing whispers from those close to me that maybe there were others who were better suited and more well-rounded options that could present me a more fulfilling relationship. I was starting to hear that there were other “fish in the sea,” so to speak. I’m just not wired that way though, because I tend to be a very loyal person. When I commit, I commit for the long haul. The good times weren’t quite as good as they had been in the past, but that was no reason to give up hope.

There were times, though, that I felt like I was the only one focused on improving things and that I cared more than they did. Really though, I think perhaps we just peaked too soon. Valentine’s Day weekend was an absolute blast, but a couple weeks later things started to cool down. The chemistry just wasn’t there like before and things started to seem a bit off. Maybe I took things for granted.

We still did alright up until the very end and created memories that will last a lifetime for which I am grateful. March 10 is a day I will certainly always remember. But before long it seemed like all I did was reminisce instead of create new and better memories.   That’s when I knew that we were in trouble. I began spending more time casually looking at others who were a bit more attractive and would briefly lust after them, but like I said, I’m a loyal guy. And now I’m left with that hollow feeling again. Although some might say it’s actually been over for about a month now, our relationship officially ended late last Thursday night. Might have even been early Friday morning, I’m not real sure. It’s still a bit hazy and I’m still dazed.

But it will be ok. I still have hope. We have a top-notch recruiting class coming in to Bloomington next year when once again Indiana University basketball and I will be joined together at the hip just like old times. “Next Year”. The words that spring eternal.

Speaking of spring, it’s baseball season now! It’s time to pull for my Red Sox and enter into another new and exciting relationship. It may just be another six-month fling, but who knows? And then it will be IU basketball season again, and maybe this next season will be The One. Although if my girlfriend beats me again next year in our bracket challenge, I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle it. My column in 12-months might have to be about ending a real relationship!

(Chris Lowry is the radio voice of the Kokomo Wildkats and Howard County athletics on AM 1350 WIOU. He contributes a monthly column to the Sports Journal.)

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